Monday, 11/05/2015 10:16 WIB
Lasmi, The Pride of Jamu Gendong

From the neighbourhood to National

Started from a thinking to avoid an unfair competition between “Jamu Gendong” sellers (carrying the herbs with basket in their back) in West Kuningan, in 1988 Lasmi establish an association known as “Jamu Gendong Lestari” which members can meet and help each other.

It’s not easy for Lasmi, the woman who born in 1970, to ask “Jamu Gendong” sellers to join the association because they reluctant to spend their time and prefer to focus on selling. Lasmi never give up, she give them motivation that knowledge is very useful, and make herself as an example.

Not only in West Kuningan, Lasmi also active at “Laskar Jamu Gendong Indonesia” that have legal status and have thousands of member.


Knowledge Sharing

Rich of knowledge and experiences doesn’t make her keep them for herself. Pride to be a successful “Jamu Gendong” seller is encouraged her to share her story and knowledge with others. Even she push her students to be a leader of “Jamu Gendong” association in their region.  Lasmi, The founder of Sanapis (combination of collards, pineapple, and lime) recipe often become a speaker in various events in Jakarta and other city. Sometimes, she also recommends her students to be a speaker as well as her.

 “People who has knowledge but singly to share with others will can’t find new idea, he/she will stuck without innovation. I don’t afraid my thoughts will be stolen. If my students improved, I got satisfied especially if they can surpass me. If they cannot improved, I am not satisfied because I don’t succeed to teach them yet”


“Jamu Gendong”, the Cultural Heritage of Indonesia

According to Lasmi, sometimes people underestimate to herbs seller. She hopes people see their image positively. Evidently, now herbal medicine got more popular, even many ministries regularly held a drinking herbal medicine event.

Lasmi, the fourth generation of her family business in herbs, hope herbal medicine can be preserved because it is a heritage of Indonesia. She also ask her second daughter, Desy, to continue her vision. For her, to be a “Jamu Gendong” seller is not easy, even Western cannot copy it.

“ Lets preserve this Indonesian heritage and improve our products quality. Be careful when choose the product that you sell. Don’t use unbranded products which doesn’t have BPOM number” said Lasmi who has many achievement.

(Rizka Amalia – Air Mancur)