Starting from a simple household industry, in Solo, Central Java; Lambertus Wonosantoso, Rudy Hindrotanojo and Kimun Ongkosandjojo, joined together to produce traditional medicines and sold it to Jakarta.

Initially, all done with traditional and simple tools, carried out by 11 employees. With hard work and high entreprenalship, they managed to set up the first factory, complete with a second-hand modern machine.

Within nine months, they made ​​a history by changing the home-based business into a legal entity PT. AIR MANCUR on December 23, 1963.

AIR MANCUR grow rapidly with approximately 1800 employees and several factory units scattered in Solo, Wonogiri and Karanganyar.

Now AIR MANCUR has established itself as one of the biggest herbal company in Indonesia, which has a reputation not only nationally, but also internationally. The products have been exported to various parts of the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong and even the Middle East and Africa.

Our vision is:

  • Being a leader in the industry of herbal medicine

Our mission is:

  • Develop superior herbal products
  • Build strength from upstream to downstream competence
  • Achieve business growth above the industry average and continuing to maximize value for shareholders and employees
  • Build long-term synergies with suppliers, business partners, and stakeholders
  • Creating mutual benefits to the social environment